About BevBuckle

Hold your beer? We do that, literally! BevBuckle lets you go hands-free so that every night out is a non-stop party!
It’s Just How We Do Things

Who We Are

We’re on a mission to have fun and keep the party going! See, with BevBuckle, it’s all about freedom. The freedom to play a stellar game of ping pong, dance the night away, or grill your burger to perfection. BevBuckle gives you the unique, hands-free experience you didn’t even know you needed!

As Seen On ABC's

Shark Tank

Six million people were introduced to BevBuckle on Shark Tank. Wowed by the fun and innovative drink-holding tool, three sharks vied for stake or ownership in the company. In the end, BevBuckle's profile was boosted by the appearance and has only gone higher since then!

A Viral Sensation

Where We're At Now

Shark Tank was only the start! BevBuckle went viral in 2017 with over 110 million views. The high demand for BevBuckle has continued to grow. Over the years, we've increased production and have added a variety of new buckle designs.

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Your hands-free experience is here! Pick from 12 awesome BevBuckle designs. Go hands-free today with your own BevBuckle!

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